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Writing For The Web And Its Importance

Chest-thumping commercial advertisements of the past are not working anymore. Let’s face it. When there is a commercial on TV, you probably change your channel, or have become so weary of the same old stuff that you might mute the set. You are not alone. Most people do the same thing. In fact, it has become a challenge for most advertisers to make the audience at least see the commercials. Buying the product comes much later.

Those who are really smart advertisers have found another way. They have gone online. They have realized that writing for the web and marketing it can help them break this clutter. For one thing, content marketing is much cheaper than traditional advertising. Most businesses cannot afford to buy time on television or even include advertisement insertions in newspapers. They are simply too costly. The reach is limited as well. And moreover, audience has developed a kind of aversion to these traditional channels. You can however get web content written for almost next to nothing. The copy stays with you for a lifetime. Once the page is uploaded, it stays online as long as you want it to.

You get more space and more time to spend with your target customer-base. The copy can speak at length about your business, and what you are offering. You get the opportunity to explain why you think you are offering high-value to your prospective customers. This is really impossible to do with television advertisement, because of the lack of time. In newspapers or even magazines on the other hand, there is always a space crunch. If you want extra space, you must pay for it. But with content, you can upload your articles to directories absolutely free. And of course, you are the owner of your website, and so, you could publish as much content there as you want.

But there’s a trick. Writing copy for the web isn’t easy. The Internet is not a reader-friendly medium, and so, most people do not like to read that much. But you can still make them read your copy. For this, it must be compelling enough. Make it attractive, ignite reader interest, include some action-words, and call-to-actions, and your copy can make the reader take the desired action you want.

Most readers will never read every line and word you write. So, make it easier for them. Keep your paragraphs short and use sub-headlines wherever you can. But even before that, you should always write a Headline right at the top of the page. Spend a lot of time writing the Headline. Make sure that the Headline is able to ignite the reader interest, so that the person is urged to continue reading.

Highlight important sections of your copy. Use bullets and numbered lists. This will ensure that your readers will at least see the most important sections.

Content can indeed be your most important marketing tool. It can bring in visitors to your website, inform them about your business and the value you are offering, and the copy can also convert them into paying customers. Yes, writing for the web helps you generate leads as well that you can monetize later.

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