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What Content to Write in Your Website

Till now we have learned how an affiliate makes money, how you can make money from affiliate programs, how to get a domain name, and how to get a reliable and cheap web hosting company to own your first website.

If you haven’t read the above articles I highly recommend you read them first before reading this article. However if you are familiar with the above topics, you can continue reading this article.

You see you have got a great domain name and you have bought hosting for cheap. You got your website designed and it looks great. Now its time you write something in your website that people can read, learn or enjoy.

The idea is to write something that makes sense and leaves an impression that the writer has enough knowledge on the subject. The reader should feel that what is being written is coming from an expert.

You see there are millions of websites out there. One more website makes no difference to the universe of websites. So how does your website stands apart? Remember if your website doesn’t stand apart it will be lost in the galaxy of websites that never see the light of the day.

The biggest search engine in the world – Google, is very smart in recognizing a good website from a bad website. This includes everything – domain name, design, content, images, coding, download speed, social signals, back link quality etc.

All of the above matter, but the most important signal is the content. If your website can get respect from Google, I bet it will automatically get respect from people who visit your website. So do not try to fool Google or the real people visiting your website. No short cuts will help. Good and sensible content will always have an edge in the long run with any search engine for that matter.

If you write good content right from the very beginning in your blog, you need not bother of any algorithmic changes Google (or any search engine) may introduce in its ranking algorithms. Your website will survive them all, until you start cheating or start taking short-cuts.

As you may have read in the article how to chose a domain, you probably know on what topics you will be writing your articles on. You already have a fair idea of the niche that you want to write about. Now is the time to do some research on this to make sure there is a market for this niche.

In fact this should be done before buying a domain in that niche. But I always believe every niche possible on earth has a market. Its is the marketing guy who should know how to market. The only thing is that your niche should make a marketing sense, or there could be related niches that you can diversify later.

To know whether there is a market or not head to keyword tools provided by Google. You may have to have an adwords account to get inside the tool. You will get many keyword tools online but its better to rely on what Google is saying as it is the one search engine you shall be targeting to get traffic.

If you don’t have an adwords account or do not want to create one, I would suggest buy an online service provider of keywords search data especially for Google.

Bing also has a keyword tool and it should help you to get ideas, but knowing the estimate search for a keyword in a month in Google is very important. You should try to write for keywords that have at least 1000 searches a month in Google to get some meaningful traffic from every page on your website.

However it is also possible that there may be some topics that you may want to write on but may not find enough searches in a month in Google. You can still write on those topics, but make sure you link these pages from the popular pages on your site and also from related topics.

Why is this important? This is because the things you know about matter a lot. It is important that people read these pages as it is the only way to make sure you get regular visitors. Until and unless people don’t perceive you to be an expert in a topic they will not be interested in whatever you say. The situation will be like shouting on top of a car and people walking around thinking that you are mad.

Once your website visitor read things that you really are an expert of, they will flock to your site for new articles. Else they will never return.

By now it should be clear that you should write on topics that are

1. Highly searched in the search engines especially Google, and
2. Known to you thoroughly and they should be linked from the most popular pages on your website so that people read these pages.

Now lets now know about the articles themselves.

How much to write?

There is no fix rule, but you should write at least 4 articles in a month. You should try that at the end of one year your website should have at least 100 articles. But frankly you will never be penalized by Google or any other search engine for writing too much or writing too less. There are many bloggers and website owners who write one article a day. And there are very popular sites that does not get updated for ages but still get traffic.

For example some online newspaper publications publish many articles in a single day. Whereas some newspapers online publish new content only once a day. People who are very popular like celebrities publish content once in a month or less and they still get traffic.

But for starters, the more you write the better, except if you are writing garbage. Google will reward you for writing great content, not for bad one. In fact for bad content your website will be penalized.

You should therefore maintain quality and quantity. In my view quality is more important than quantity. If you cannot write more than one article a week, so be it. But make sure whatever you write is of high quality.

I know many websites that have hundreds of thousands of pages but no visitors because they were dumped by Google and other search engines for poor quality content.

Remember, content, is, was and will remain the king. So make sure your content is of very high quality.

What should be length of the articles?

For some very strange reason Google does not like short articles. In fact it now shows in depth articles separately in some of their listings. Which clearly indicates that Google loves lengthy articles.

But the question is how long?

Try to write at least 1500 word article. 2000 words is better and 3000 words even better. I agree that writing high quality lengthy articles is difficult. But you have to give it a try. If you think you cannot write 3000 words articles every time then let a few articles on your website be 3000 words, a few be 2000 and rest be 1000 word article.

A mix and match approach will prove to be great.

Believe me with practice and time you will find it easier to write lengthy articles. In fact it will be fun to write. And once you start making money from your website you will feel like writing whenever you are free.

Do not worry about ideas. One article will give birth to many ideas and you will eventually have more ideas and topics to write than you can handle.

If you are somehow stuck in a writers block, just take some rest and brainstorm ideas by either looking on the internet or by asking your friends or relatives or reading books. You will never be short of ideas to write if you have the motivation to write. Here are some articles to overcome writers block:


People who make money from their website, have the motivation to keep writing on their website almost on a daily basis. And you know what most of these famous bloggers have been in the business from the last 5 to 10 years. How on earth do you think they get ideas to write each and everyday?

If you want a website that has a million words you need to write the first word to get there right? So sit now and start writing. Do not wait for the perfect time to write because that perfect time will never come. Even if it comes it will be once or twice in a year. That way you will never be able to write a million words in your life time.

Balance it.

It is important to balance your writing habit. Discipline is important in every sphere of life, and its important in writing as well. Sit back, relax and think how much is good for a day – 300 words, 500 words, or 600 words? Once you decide make sure you stick to writing that many words a day on an average.

For example I write 500 words a day, five days a week, every month, year after year. And I have many websites so I balance it among all these websites depending on how important they are to me.

To start with you can write 100 words a day. Once you have some experience you can increase the amount of writing. But make sure it doesn’t get boring else you will quit writing. Go slow and pick up with time. It is not as difficult as it sounds.


1. Write lengthy articles. At least 1000 words. No less. Let some articles in your website be 3000 words, and some be 2000. Mix them well.

2. Quality over quantity. Just because you should write lengthy articles does not mean you throw garbage in your articles. By doing that you will do more harm than good to your site. Even one bad article can take your site deep down the search engine rankings.

3. Link the relevant articles. If you have written on something that people don’t search often, it should be linked from the popular pages of the site.

4. Write everyday. This will ensure your work is balanced and you don’t get bored.

5. Enjoy your work.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this article. I will be glad to answer your questions in the comments section.

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