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Internet Business Promoter IBP Axandra Software Review

Any web marketer or somebody who owns a website realizes the importance of high search engine rankings. At least, any webmaster who is serious about succeeding online should know this. There was a time when achieving high search engine ranks was not really very difficult – until 2005-2006. All you had to do was just create content-rich web pages, throw some article marketing for link building, join blog networks for extra link juice and submit your web pages to search engines or online directories, and you had your ranks soon enough. Your work would have been easier if you were positioned in a narrow niche.

But SEO started to get a bit difficult from 2007 onwards. And now this recent update by Google has really made the task of SEO very challenging. There is today a huge competition out there and that too in almost all niches. Achieving a page one rank in Google and Yahoo has become extremely tough, unless of course you are working smart.

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Working smart will often mean here the ability to choose the right set of tools – tools that can rocket your web visibility by taking your website from the maze of the search engines to up there at the top. A page one rank is all you need to rocket your web traffic. However lead generations or sales and any other conversions/goals needs more than traffic. Discussing them is beyond the scope of this article. However for those webmasters whose websites are getting good traffic but somehow are not converting into the goals that they would love to see – we have just one word of advice – keep testing. But please be within the limits of Google Webmaster Guidelines and you should be fine. Keep fine-tuning your website and you should get the results you wanted.

Ok, now back to the topic. There are millions of websites out there, but only a limited number of them will ever achieve these results.

Websites that are doing things right and doing it every time are the ones who will get the edge. There are many SEO software out there in the market who can tell what’s right and what’s wrong, however we will focus on one such SEO tool called Internet Business Promoter from Axandra. It’s old and very popular software from Axandra.

We are doing an unbiased review of the software here. If you think its right for your SEO needs, you can buy it here.

Internet Business Promoter, or the IBP, as it is popularly referred to, will be giving your website a serious chance to succeed. In fact, if you follow its advice, it could be the critical difference between success and failure.

The best part of IBP is that it will never advice you any short-cut SEO methods that will not last for long. It may take some time, but if you follow its advice your website is more likely to succeed. However just like life, there is no guarantee.

What Is the Internet Business Promoter Software from Axandra?

Internet Business Promoter is a smart set of tools from Axandra. It is one tool that helps you primarily do four things:

1. Research the most potent keywords in your niche,
2. Optimize your website for these keywords,
3. Generate high quality back links for improving your Page Rank and rankings, and
4. Track the position of your website as it improves its search engine ranks.

IBP or the Internet Business Promoter is all you will ever need to boost your search engine ranks.

Those who are smart marketers are already using Internet Business Promoter from Axandra. But it is not too late for you. Start using the smart set of tools you will find here, and you are sure to see the ranks improve soon enough. The competition does not matter. The kind of website you have does not matter. IBP works well for all websites in all niches.

However there is a catch. Don’t think that if you follow any software blindly and do not do any work on your part, you will get magical results. NO – that’s just not possible. Google and other search engines love fresh and quality content. Yes content was the king, is the king and will remain the king for years to come in internet marketing.

IBP will not and cannot create the most important aspect of SEO that is content. Neither should you use any software that claims to create automated content for your website. If you use, it’s almost certain to get your website banned. Write your own content or outsource it, but please make sure to add good unique content every week or whenever possible to keep the search engines and your visitors happy.

Here Are Just a Few Things Axandra’s Internet Business Promoter Will Help You Do:

• Discover the most potent keywords in your niche.
• Generate of list of potential linking partners for your website quickly based on Alexa ranking, IP address, PR, and others. (It’s better to get links from websites that have a different IP address than your website.)
• You can spy your competition quickly and easily.
• Customize your link pages.
• Maintain and organize your link partners list.
• Track the link pages of your partners to ensure that these pages carry your back links.
• Checks the link directory for any broken links.
• Helps you create search engine optimized web pages for on-page optimization.
• Monitor the search engine ranks of your website for targeted keywords.
• Gives you detailed reports on Meta titles, keyword densities and others.

But wait! The above list is not an extensive one. Internet Business Promoter from Axandra will do much more to boost your website’s web visibility. Read more about the software here.

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