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Ideas For Website Marketing In A Recession

Here are some simple steps that will help your website marketing campaign during the economic recession period:

• Make your clients happy: Always try to think for your clients and how to make them happy and satisfied. Remember that it is easier to hold on to your present clientele than making new ones.

• Have useful content: Analyze your site to find if each web page sounds like the ideal sales letter or not. If not, you have work to do. Edit, re-edit or re-hash the content so that your aim of converting the leads into sales is achieved. Constant improvements of your site’s content will not only perk up your search rankings but will also help in better conversions.

• Go for Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Put useful and unique content on your website and ensure that the major search engines are crawling your site. However, don’t go for tricky stuffs that may get your site penalized and banned.

• Keep a track of your expenses and the results: It is necessary to keep a track of what advertising costs you are incurring along with the effectiveness of your ads. If your ads are not getting your leads converted into sales, abandon it. During recession, there’s no sense in spending money on something that fails to produce a return. However, keep the time taken by your customers to react to your ads in mind. If someone decides to buy after 4 weeks of time, deleting the ad after a week will not be a sane decision. So, the bottom-line is to spend smarter during the period of recession.

• Stick to the fundamentals: Some marketing methods have weathered the storm and still hold good. So, go back to those fundamentals like honesty, clarity and taking the time out to do your research.

• Put your money in market segments having a rapid growth: Find the market segments that are growing quickly. Understand them and decide if you can win business at a fast pace in those markets. If the answer is in affirmative, go for it.

• Seek more customers: You can work with your competitor during such a recession. Get them the customers that they want but you don’t and let them return the same favor. You can earn new customers and eventually more money by means of such co-marketing.

• Expand your business: Rather than acting in a conservative manner and shrinking your business volume, go for an expansion plan. However, don’t overspend. Instead, offer an effective message to your prospects and spread that message all over the place. The fact that Internet marketing is a lot more economical than other media will help you execute your expansion plans effectively.

• Start blogging: If you are not yet into blogging, begin today. A big world of social media will open up to you once you start blogging. Marketing your products by means of blogging will just cost you time. If you get yourself registered for some of the most effective social networks like MySpace, Digg, Facebook etc and make friends, it will help you. Suppose you have 100 friends on one such social network, who in turn have 100 friends each. When you communicate some exciting news about your business at this social network, your immediate friends and their extended friend circle will give you 10,000 listeners, a majority of whom may convert into your clientele.

So, don’t panic even during these hard times of recession. Rather, use the aforesaid suggestions to make the most of your website marketing campaign.

Do you have any more ideas? Please comment!

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