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How To Promote Your Website Content Through Twitter and FaceBook

Just writing good content and getting quality back links in this new age won’t get you there. You will have to promote your content. The more you promote the more people come to your website. Remember there is stiff competition there for the dollar and its not easy to take your share without some promotion.

Sometimes you will have to promote your content shamelessly selfishly, sometimes using some tricks and sometimes by spending money on advertising. But you will have to promote no matter what. Else there is little chance people will be able to read your content.

So lets get into in to know what are the methods to promote your website content:

1. Twitter: Do you have a twitter account? No not your personal Twitter account. Your websites twitter account. Its OK to use your personal account for your main website account. Like I use for this website. But I don’t use this account for my personal use. I try to build relationships with this account and inform everyone about my latest posts.

But if you already have a twitter account but are using it for personal use I strongly recommend that you create a new account for the website that you want to promote. Never use this account for any other purpose. This will be your account for spreading word about your latest posts or anything related to your website.

So go create a Twitter account for your website right now. Name your twitter account similar to the website name. For example if your website is getcheapwax.com then your twitter handle should be GetCheapWax or something very similar if you are not getting that username.

Twitter will not work if you don’t have followers. Who will see your tweets if you don’t have any followers? By the way you will find many people selling followers for as low as 5 dollars. Do not fall for them. There is a way to get followers. They will come, may be a bit slow, but eventually you will get them.

Here is what you will do in Twitter:

1. Create an account with the official name of your website.
2. Search with the primary keywords of your business/website.
3. Start following people. Do this everyday for the next few days.
4. Some people will follow you back, some wont. Do not worry. You keep following people in the same industry.
5. Once you get a few followers say 200-300 you can start tweeting about your industry. At this stage DO NOT tweet about your latest blog post or your website. Just tweet interesting facts about your industry.
6. Within a few days you will see that more people are following you back. The speed of following back increases.
7. Now re-tweet some of the interesting tweets. Reply to tweets etc.
8. Once you are accepted in the tweeter world you can start telling your followers about your latest blog post. At this stage most people who follow you will visit your website.
9. Some of them will re-tweet your tweet. And voila you get more visitors from their tweets.

Some points to not: Do not hard sell your stuff in twitter. You should mostly tweet interesting things. Only when you deem fit that your post needs a mention – you should post the link in your twitter account.

2. FaceBook:

Everybody now days have a Facebook account. If you don’t know Facebook can be used to market and promote your website content. The way to do is the same as it is in Twitter expect for some strange reason – Twitter is a better tool to market your site than Facebook. Probably because Twitter is used by people to know what people saying whom they follow. In Facebook people just go to have some fun, see pictures of their friends etc. Of course FB can be used in a very effective way to build brand image. So Facebook is an important tool for branding your site and Twitter is good for spreading word of mouth and bringing people to your site.

Now lets know how to promote your site using FaceBook:

1. Make a page for your website in Facebook. Do not market your website in your personal page. Facebook pages are free to make. So please do not be lazy and start promoting your site in your personal account. Some of your friends may not like it. Of course you can mention about your site page in your personal account.

Make a separate Facebook Page for your website. If possible get it designed professionally. Then let your friends know about this page from your personal account. Bet some of your friends will like it. And some may share it. But do not ask them to like or share it. Let them do it themselves. Why this is important is that because you don’t want people not interested in your product like your page. This will be counter productive.

2. Now search for leaders in your industry. You may have to search for them. Not all will accept your friends request, but some will. Keep doing this for a long time and you have a lot of friends. Their friends will then start knowing about your website. Some will like it. You will see that in a few months time you will have many friends.

3. Time to post. Post relevant stuff on the page. So not just post article recently posted on your blog or website. Promote stuff that are interesting and from the events from your industry.

4. Other than industry news motivational posts works great. You can also share stuff that are interesting. Post them when most of your friends are online.

5. You should also comment on your friend’s status. You may also like what they post. Please do not like everything that they post. That will look like a fake like. Like things that you really like. Similarly do not post on everything they have to say. They may get irritated and remove you from their friends list. Just write when you feel something interesting to write. You may also ask questions and reply to questions.

6. If you start getting friends request, you should accept them as they could be your future customers.

Common to both Twitter and FaceBook: Do not hard sell your products. Just inform your followers and friends about your product or service. Those who are interested will ask questions. Reply them promptly.

In Facebook you can also buy paid promotion. However it is meant for brand awareness. You should keep a fixed budget for the site’s promotion, and measure it effects. If its proving worthwhile, you may continue promoting your site.

After a few months of doing such stuff, you will now start seeing traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

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