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How to Get a Reliable and Cheap Web Hosting Company

Note: This is part of series of articles on how to make money as an affiliate. To read from the start please click here.

If you have read my last article you would have by now known how and what type of domain name you should get. If you have not read I recommend that you read the article first. Once you have read that article you can start reading this one.

Now that you have bought a great domain you need to get a web hosting service to host your website. This article will discuss how to get a reliable and a cheap web host.

You know when you are starting your first business online out you should invest as little as possible. If at all you should spend more money and time in acquiring knowledge. Slowly as you learn the ropes you can start spending more on the business and other promotional events.

Why am I asking you to buy an affordable and reliable web host is that I myself started with very little investment mostly from the pocket money I got from my father. And I can tell from experience that for starters this should be more than enough.

Right now you are only going to own one website with almost zero traffic. Why should you spend a lot for that? Once you start getting a lot of traffic you can always shift your website to a dedicated web hosting provider.

There are many types of web hosting, but right now you should know just the two types of hosting:

1. Shared Hosting
2. Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting is cheaper. This is because the web hosting company will host websites of many of their customers in the same server. Say for example you own mywebsite.com and someone owns hiswebsite.com and both of you buy shared hosting from the same web host, it is likely that your website resides in the same server where hiswebsite.com resides.

Just like a rented house, if you share space with someone it is obvious that you both will share the rent cost. Shared hosting works in the same way. Expect here you will never know who else is sharing the web space with you. Of course that shouldn’t be your concern anyway. You are getting to host your website at an affordable cost and that is what you want.

You must be thinking – Oh God, this is not good. Well, you will be surprised to know that most websites in the world are in shared hosting. Therefore you should not worry too much.

Dedicated Hosting, as you may have guessed by now is a server hosting only one or a group of websites of one owner or a company only. Which means a dedicated server will host all websites of the same customer. Needless to say, dedicated hosting are costlier than shared hosting.

Why? Because in shared hosting a lot of website owners “share” the cost of hosting, whereas in a dedicated hosting the website owner has to pay the full cost of the server – as no one else is sharing his/her web space.

A very important point here is that there is little difference between the technicalities of the shared and a dedicated servers. Modern servers are very fast, it does not matter whether it is shared or dedicated. However shared hosting is good only up to the extend where a website is getting few hundreds clicks a day. Once it starts getting more than thousand clicks a day, its always better to move that website to a dedicated hosting.

So why people pay for a dedicated server once their website starts getting a lot of traffic and their online business is bringing them money? It may be because of several reasons but the most important reasons are – more bandwidth, customized hardware or better hardware than shared hosting, less server downtime (only one or few websites so they do not take a lot of bandwidth), and to some extend speed of the server because of the better hardware. Of course dedicated server means better customer care too. There could be several other issues but these are the important ones.

Therefore I suggest that you buy shared hosting for the time being and move to dedicated once you start making money.

If you are ready to buy, I would suggest you buy hosting from BlueHost. This website for example is hosted in BlueHost shared hosting server and running smoothly since 2004. In fact I have never had to mail the customer care for any interruptions whatsoever. If there were one or two instances, I just did a live chat and solved the issue within minutes.

For newbie’s, BlueHost is one of the best web hosting service providers online and I highly recommend you buy your first hosting with them.

Other than being great at customer service here are some benefits if you host your website with them:

1. You get hosting at less than 5 dollars a month

2. You can host unlimited number of domains in one account

3. You get unlimited space for hosting your websites

4. You can install WordPress for free and with ease and get started your blog in minutes

5. You get a domain name for free for one year

6. You get web based email support and 2500 emails for one account which is more than enough

7. Unlimited bandwidth – means even if your site is getting a lot of traffic and eating a lot of server’s bandwidth, you don’t have to pay a dime extra. Only thing you have to make sure is that it is not a software generated clicks. In that case BlueHost will inform you and stop those bots from accessing their server. If they are real people – you can just shift your site to a virtual dedicated server for a little extra. But you need to bother moving to a dedicated server only when your website is getting a lot of traffic.

8. Unlimited Add-on Domains – Add-on Domains are nothing but a new domain that can be added to the account which works like a completely different website. The only thing is that your first domain is treated as primary domain, rest are add-on domains. For the search engines they are all different unique websites.

9. Free Drag and Drop Site Builder – you can just drag and drop in their builder’s to design a new website for free.

10. You get unlimited file transfers which means there will not be bandwidth issues if you upload large image files to the server.

And many more features and benefits that you should see before deciding. Click here to visit BlueHost.

Once you have bought web hosting – Hurray – you are a website owner. All now you have to do is host your domain there and install WordPress as its the worlds best blogging platform.

Do not worry its very easy. Just read the help files provided there and follow and you should be done.

In the next article I will discuss how you can get a website design for free or for very affordable prices. And then the most important part, that’s is what to write in your website to get real people on your site.

See you there soon.

Disclosure: If you choose BlueHost as your website hosting provider using the links given in this article or anywhere in this website I may get a compensation according to terms with BlueHost. The review of BlueHost is as per my experience as a customer with them. To write the review I did not get any compensation.

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