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Hackers – Why You Should Not Hack WordPress Blogs

Hackers – Why You Should Not Hack WordPress Blogs

I wonder why hackers hack – wasting their time, resource and energy in getting inbound links from irrelevant sites, mostly wordpress blogs. I don’t know if they have any other motive.

Whatever!!! If any hacker is reading this please understand that in the long run you guys are doing more harm than good. Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD NOT hack:

  • Inbound links from irrelevant site won’t help your site get better ranks in search engines.
  • In the long run all bogus links will be removed and you will get back to square one.
  • The time you are wasting can be utilized for writing good content, natural link building, social networking, pay per click advertising etc.
  • Don’t try to fool big search engines especially Google. If they catch, your site may get banned forever – you don’t want it, do you? They can do reverse IP tracking and can actually ban ALL the sites you own. You will loose ranking for your good sites too!
  • Don’t try to fool people – they are smarter than you are. And believe me there are many who will not take a second to report abuse to your web hosting company and search engines. As you may be well aware that hacking is an offence, your web hosting company may ban your sites. Again all your sites will be down for a lot of days, until you get another host. And its easy for a new host to know why your sites got banned so,
  • Unfortunately or fortunately you will have to get a new domain and start all over again.
  • Usually after failing in one or two attempts, you will get frustrated, leave your black hat SEO techniques and get into the real world of “hard work” SEO.
  • Ultimately you will regret your decision of being a spammer and wasting some precious years of your life.
  • The time you wasted on hacking actually made the world of SEO even more competitive and so you may have to work even harder than what you had to years ago.
  • Hackers cannot sleep well because in the back of their minds they carry the burden of doing all the wrong and harming innocent webmasters. Health issues – if you can’t sleep well your health is getting affected.
  • Last but not the least if you are too naughty with your techniques – you may even land up in jail.

This is getting longer than I expected. But I am sure if you are a hacker and have read till here, you will be a bit more scared hacking!

So please don’t do it – for yourself, for all the hard working people like us and lastly for the great world wide web which is mostly ruled by good people.

Is there any other point I have missed out on why people should not hack?

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3 Responses to “Hackers – Why You Should Not Hack WordPress Blogs”

  1. toby says:

    Wow.. way to make yourself a target :)

  2. Dilip Shaw says:

    Yes Toby,

    I was a bit scared after posting it, but I feel I am informing hackers the ill-effects of hacking. Since I want their good I presume they will not hack my site.

  3. reece says:

    Hi, I read this post titled “- Why You Should Not Hack WordPress Blogs |” about a week ago, might have been last Friday, and thought it was a good point. I’ve been trying for the last few days to find your site again but ended up finding it in Google using the keywords “web analytics”. Anyway, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to post last week but I will be returning regularly. Bookmarked the page.

  4. Dilip Shaw says:


    I do not offer Nifty Option tips or any tips on share trading at all. The real reason is that you will become dependent on me and will not learn anything. Leaving your finances in someone else’s hand is not a good idea. You should be master of your money – not anyone else.

    And what if I stopped sending you tips for whatsoever reason? You will then again look for a tip provider. And what if they stop sending tips? How long will this go? You will keep jumping from one tip provider to another wasting your valuable time and money. Remember no one will make you rich, you are the only person who can make yourself rich. So learn to control. :)

    Therefore its always advisable that you learn trading yourself and manage your own money.

    I have also written an article on why I do not offer any live tips on trading.

  5. Satpal singh says:

    Pl send me nifty option tips

  6. SRS kushwaha says:

    best idea I got from your writing,

  7. Dilip Shaw says:

    Thanks You SRS kushwaha. Glad that I could help :)

  8. Somashekhar says:

    Really enjoyed reading the options. Planning to start options tradining.

  9. Dilip Shaw says:

    Somashekhar nice to know that you enjoyed reading the post. Keep coming back.

  10. Hari Lulla says:

    I have been making money in options. But I can only trade in vertical spreads as I do not know a broker who can guide me in butterflies and condors where 4 options are involved.
    Can you suggest a broker who has interest in options?

  11. Dilip Shaw says:


    It is good that you are making money in options. Most people who call me have lost money trading options. I think the main reason is that they speculate and over-trade – they buy options and treat it like a lottery trying to hit a jackpot some day. Sadly that day never comes. Over a period of time lots of small losses add up and before they realize they are in huge losses. You will be shocked to know, I have come in contact through this website some traders who are in losses amounting to Rs. 45 lakhs to one crore. :(

    On the other hand there are traders who make lakhs per month trading only Nifty Options. Still they want to learn conservative options trading because they want to divide their risk profile 50% aggressive and 50% conservative which I think is an intelligent way to trade. Risk management is the most important decision in trading. Traders having strong risk management plans in place rarely lose money.

    Anyways, coming to you. Why do you only trade in vertical spreads? No broker will guide you. Why should they? What if you make a loss? You will then start blaming your broker and stop trading. If you stop trading how will your broker make money? Therefore I rarely see any broker in India offering tips in options trading. They make money from brokerage, whether you make money or not.

    Therefore my advise is to search a broker who takes the least amount of money per trade (per traded order not per option/future lot traded – it does not matter how many lots of options/futures you sold or bought – if it is one order – they will only charge for that one order). Since in a condor four trades are involved – you will only end up paying for four trades. It does not matter how many total lots of options you bought or sold in those four trades.

    One such discount broker is ZERODHA. Right now they charge flat Rs. 20/- per trade.

    RKSV Securities is another. Under their Dream Plan 5 trades are Free per month for LIFE of the customer and after that you end up paying Rs. 20/- per trade regardless of the size of the trade.

    No monthly commitments in both Zerodha and RKSV Securities.

    If you want to learn Conservative Option Trading Strategies, I recommend you take my course. I will also give you support after the course till you become very comfortable trading these strategies yourself and do not need my help.

    You can get more information here:

    Hope I helped. And Thanks for your comment. :)

  12. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:

    I did not understand this para. If you pl explain me more elaborately.
    Here is an important point to limit your losses. If your view is that Nifty will go up 200 points only then why you should play a move that you think may never happen? In that case you should sell the 5800 calls (you have bought the 5600 calls). If Nifty expires below 5800, than you keep the premium paid to you as well as the profits you made on the 5600 calls.

  13. Anantha Raman says:

    Do we have Call and PUT in futures?
    If you buy a Future do buy an ATM put and if you short Future do buy ATM call.

  14. Dilip Shaw says:

    You see you have bought 5600 calls thinking that Nifty will move up. Assuming you have decided to take your profits only on the expiry day and you have a feeling that Nifty on the expiry day may not cross 5800. In that case the 5800 call will expire worthless. So you make a profit from both the trades – buy 5600, and short 5800. Gold in both hands. :)

    But Anantha let me also tell you that reality is different. If Nifty starts to move up the trader will make money in 5600 call, but lose money in the 5800 call shorted. He will not have any patience to wait till expiry so somewhere down the line he will book his profit. Which means he will take a profit in 5600 call buy, buy lose some money in 5800 call sell. But his profits will be more than his losses, so overall he will be in profit.

    He will feel bad in taking a loss in 5800 call. But that should not be the case. Why? Because what if Nifty does not move up? In that case he will lose money in the 5600 call but make money in the 5800 call sold. Yes over all he will be in loss when he decides to close the trade, but his overall loss will be MUCH LESS than what he would have taken had he bought the 5600 call without selling the 5800 call.

    Let me also clarify that this is the real reason why most retail traders lose money trading options. They just buy options looking to double their money in every trade. This seldom happens, and over a long period of time, hope of making a fortune actually kills his trading account. Here is one trader who lost 40 lakhs buying options.

    Therefore I highly recommend that you should sell an OTM option whenever you decide to buy an ATM or ITM option. It has three benefits:

    1. It reduces the cost of buying the option – so your maximum loss gets reduced.
    2. It helps you to stay in the game longer because your loss is less. Eventually you may get lucky by a Nifty reversal and end up in profit.
    3. You may decide to wait till expiry whatever happens and Nifty may be in a sweet spot (at 5800) on the expiry day. You will get double bonanza – profit from the 5600 call bought and profit from the 5800 call sold. :)

    Hope this explanation helps.


  15. Dilip Shaw says:

    Anantha, I did not understand what you meant by “Do we have Call and PUT in futures”. But yes you can trade Futures in every stock or Index approved in the F&O segment by the market makers. Futures however are high leverage and very risky derivative instruments and therefore should be traded with caution. They are more riskier than options.

    As far as the second question – YES! Since buying or selling Futures both involve unlimited risk, a trader should always buy ATM put if buying a Future and buy ATM call when selling a Future. This way your risk is limited to the premium paid for the option bought. However your profits will be unlimited. :) Why? Because Future can make unlimited profits but the option bought has only a limited loss.

    Good Question.


  16. Abhishek says:

    Dear Dilip Sir
    I am very new to option. Why can’t we trade long box and Short box every time ??

  17. Dilip Shaw says:

    Good question Abhishek :)

    And welcome to the beautiful world of options. :)

    Short Box and Long Box are great arbitrage trades with zero loss and good profits but you will rarely find this opportunity in any stock or Nifty.

    In fact any kind of options arbitrage is hard to find now a days.

    For those who don’t know:

    Short Box is: When a trader sells ITM options (both calls and puts), and buys OTM options for protection.
    Long Box (also known simply as Box Spread) is: When a trader buys ITM options (both calls and puts), and buys OTM options to reduce the option buying cost.

    Short box is done when the combined credit is MORE then the difference between the ITM strikes sold.
    Long box is done when the combined credit is LESS then the difference between the ITM strikes that a trader plans to buy.

    Taking a live example lets do a Short Box for December 2014 expiry:

    Date: 17-Nov-2014. INDIA VIX: 14.36. Spot Nifty: 8365

    1. Sell ITM Call 8300: 214
    2. Buy OTM Call 8400: 147
    3. Sell ITM Put 8400: 112
    4. Buy ITM Put 8300: 79

    Lets see the total premium received (ours was a short box):

    Calls: 214 – 147 = 67
    Puts: 112 – 79 = 33

    Total 67+33 = 100.

    As you can see the value of the box will also be 100 on the expiry day, the trader will not gain anything from the trade. In fact his broker will gain since he pays the brokerage for the trades of four legs to open and four to close.

    Abhishek, hence now it should be clear why can’t we trade Long Box and Short Box every time. The opportunities are few and far and you will be wasting time looking for them.

  18. sg says:

    Hi Dilip,
    I am looking for a software that generates option strategy payoff diagrams for NSE FNO, stocks & ETFs.
    Can You pls suggest me one ?

  19. Dilip Shaw says:

    As far as I know some brokers like the offer it for free for their clients. You can ask your broker as well may be they offer but you do not know.

    You may get paid software too if you search online. But why do you need it?

    I do not make a payoff diagram before I start a trade. I have a plan and follow that plan. I know my max loss and max profit – that is it – why do I need a pay off diagram? It does not solve any purpose for me.

    I am sure you are a banker :) Bankers love these complicated presentations and charts. All those are useless in live trading. Heck I do not even trade on a live streaming stock-rates java platform. Those red and green LEDs confuse me. I trade on web and am happy with my trading and results. What will I do with charts?

    Hope you get the point.

  20. Vijay says:

    Dilip ji, My Friend My Mentor!

    I owe you a heart-felt thanks for educating me through your engrossing & wonderful lessons.

    I have learnt on options from your free course and I keep reading time and again a few of them.

    In fact, I am trying to sort out a strategy or two for Day trading the Options. Where I feel comfortable and all that. I have gone through (learning) various strategies of various Gurus (Hari Swaminathan also among them).

    That’s how I chanced upon your course. (Now, do not take it as seeking advise, I am just speaking my mind). I hope to find it in a few more days.

    If I find it, even then I will ask you to pat my back! (because, I have already taken you as my friend, whether you like it or not…doesn’t matter!)

    BTW, do you know why? I believe that you are a good man indeed.


  21. Dilip Shaw says:

    Thank You Vijayji for such nice comments. It is nice to know you are still willing to learn option trading even after retirement from your job. Keep it up. :)


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