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Google Analytics Will Now Show AdSense Data

It’s official. Google Analytics will now show data of Google AdSense.

Here is the link to the official announcement in the Google AdSense Blog.

This is good news and will benefit all AdSense publishers. It was long anticipated as was reported many times in blogs and portals.

The AdSense report is under Content section of Google Analytics.

Once you are there you will be able to see interesting graphical representation of your adsense performance.

The adsense overview will show 10 important statistics

  • total revenue,
  • revenue made for 1000 visitors,
  • total ads clicked,
  • number of ads clicked per 100 visits,
  • adsense click though rate (CTR),
  • eCPM – estimated cost per 1000 page impressions,
  • total times the ads were displayed,
  • ad impressions per visitor,
  • total pageviews, and
  • pageviews per visitor.

Theres more.

You can know the referrals that are bringing you more dollars. With this information you can focus on getting more traffic from these referrals.

In addition to these you can know visitors from which cities are making more money for you, which hours of the day are the best performing hours, content/pages that are performing well or pages that aren’t performing well.

Knowing the countries that are sending you few visitors will also help. You can concentrate on writing content made especially for these countries.

There are more goodies to it than I can actually write. With the help of these matrices you can now take informed decisions, test well and make more money out of your adsense account.

Right now this feature is not available all publishers, but gradually everyone will be invited.

I am excited like you guys and looking forward for the invitation.

Are you invited?

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