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Getting Links From Related Websites is Important

In my previous article I had written links from high PR sites are not important any more. So links from which pages are important today to rank higher? It is links from related websites in same or related business.

For example if a lot of websites about financial products link to your website that sells something other than financial products – Google will still think your website is selling some financial products or giving information on finance. However if Google does not find anything on finance on your website it will be sent for a review. This is where a check for SPAM will take place. A manual check will decide your website for SPAM. If your website is fine all the irrelevant links will not be counted as incoming links.

This is to make sure Google does not throw irrelevant results in its SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

If however your website does sell anything financial or has information on financial products, your website will get good ranks in the search results.

Therefor it is important than ever to check if your site is getting links from related websites. Page rank should not be your concern.

It is important to note that even the Anchor Text used in the links are not that important. Well if its used its fine, but Google will give more importance to the content of the page rather than the anchor text. So even if your site gets a link from a similar business website with the anchor text “click here”, that is a great link and it will have value.

Lets take another example:

If Website1, Website2, Website3, & Website4 do not link to each other, but they still get links from a group of websites that have information on dogs and breeds of dogs, Google will think Website1, Website2, Website3, & Website4 to be related and in the business of dogs and breeds of dogs. It does not matter if the websites that linked to them used the anchor text related to dogs or not. Google will still think that website to be in the same business.

The only exception being if those links are discarded by Google.

Gone are the days when people bought links for cheap with their primary keyword used as anchor text in them. Yes their site ranked well for a few days. Some lucky ones lasted for months if not years. Eventually they were kicked out. But now it seems all these tricks will have zero results.

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