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Free PPC Adwords Management Service

If you have a website that can sell your products or services online, it is very important that you start advertising your business online. Advertising will get your business more clients and help you to expand your business. Getting free traffic from the search engines is getting very difficult. And its even harder for small businesses online. Moreover it may take ages to get a lot of visitors free from the search engines to scale your business.

There is no place better than AdWords to start advertising your business. Of course risk is involved here too as you have to pay per click to get visitors. But this risk is less than trying to get free visitors from the search engines.

It is really difficult and time consuming to manage an adwords campaign to keep it profitable. Anyone who has a credit card and a website can open an AdWords account and start writing ads and insert keywords, but it will take a lot of time and money to get it right and profitable. Why lose so much of money and time when you can outsource it to a professional?

A word about myself:

I have been creating and managing AdWords campaigns since 2003, when Google introduced AdWords. Managing AdWords campaigns was very easy that time. You could get clicks for any keyword for 5 cents. Yes 5 cents. Google had just started a business and therefore they priced it very cheap to get customers. Today for some really competitive markets getting clicks for 5 dollars is difficult.

So why this change? With 5 cents a click the risk to reward ratio was so good that spammers started abusing the AdWords platform. They linked their affiliate URLs directly to their merchant’s website of whom they were affiliates. They made good money. It continued for a couple of years. Google needed money so it kept ignoring it until it got alarming. Google then introduced single domain display policy. Which meant that it will show only one URL of either the merchant or the affiliates in its search result page. This policy eliminated affiliates to a large extend and spamming stopped.

This let to another problem though. Earlier merchants did not find any need to get into adwords as their affiliates were bringing in good business. Since this stopped, they entered the scene and bidding war began. Remember merchants have deep pockets. They can take losses and still advertise their company. They make money in the long run. The bidding war began because every merchant wanted the coveted top spot for primary keywords to get most clicks. By 2008-09 the average cost per click was growing at the rate of 50% per year. Today top position’s cost per clicks are so high that small businesses in a competitive market cannot afford AdWords. For small companies it is very difficult if not impossible to stay profitable advertising in AdWords.

I was an affiliate too of a big company. However I had to stop my campaigns because the merchants did not want me to run campaigns any more as they wanted to advertise themselves. This happened when AdWords change their policy of one URL per page. However knowledge I gained advertising for them and other companies was tremendous.

Since the last 6-7 years my bread and butter is managing AdWords for my clients.

How do I work?

Its pretty simple. Why does an online business owner advertises their business in AdWords? To get more business. I follow the same principal. I will set up an AdWords account for you free of cost. Depending on the country you live you may get upto $75 worth of clicks for free. If you already have an AdWords account its OK. I can start managing that straight away.

I will write ads and research keywords in your niche and start your adwords campaign for free.

So what are my fees?

My fees will be 15% of the profits you make from my campaigns on your business. Yes no frills, no questions. You tell me the revenue in terms of dollars. We can then calculate the profit and fees that you will need to send me.

Until and unless you keep paying me 15% of your profits I keep managing your AdWords campaigns. If you do not need my service anytime, stop paying me. I will stop working.

Its a simple way to get your business the marketing it needs. This is a great situation for both my customers and myself. I do not charge a heavy set up fees and monthly management charges or a percentage of expenditure like many of the AdWords management companies out there.

How do I calculate?

I will not calculate. It will be my merchant who calculates and tell me the total revenue from the campaigns that I am managing. I will then send them the invoice for 15% of the profits that the merchant needs to pay.

For example if for the previous month the expenditure in AdWords is $1000 and the revenue is $2000. Therefore the profit is: $2000 – $1000 = $1000. 15% of $1000 is $150. The merchant will need to pay me $150 only.

The revenue figures given to me is based on trust. No one in this world offers such a service. But I know for sure that my merchants are not lying. Why? Because there is a way to guess the revenue and that is by tracking the conversions that Google shows. If I know dollar value per conversion I can easily guess the total revenue for that month and most of the times my calculations are correct.

Another thing is that why a merchant would lie? They want me to keep managing their adwords campaigns as they get all the time to manage their business. If I do good job is there any reason to lie and pay me less? I don’t think so. If I was a merchant and someone was managing my adwords campaigns well and for such a low cost I would have definitely paid him the money and would want him to continue.

Some of the industries I have worked with:

Real Estate, Mortgages, Personal Finance, Web Design, Logo Design, Pets to name a few.

Sorry due to non-disclosure agreement I cannot reveal the names or the URL of the companies I have or am working with. Of course I only take up one merchant from one industry at one time.

What if you do not like my service?

Just send me an email and don’t pay me for that month. That rarely happens though.

What’s your benefit?

1. You get an experienced person to work on your adwords campaigns. For example do you know its really a waste of time to insert thousands of keywords in your campaigns? You would do well if you target a few of them. But most PPC companies will advise you otherwise. They will tell you to throw keywords in your campaigns. This is done to extract more money from you as they charge on the expenditure. The more you spend, the more they get paid. I will reduce your keywords and get you better business. My target is to increase your revenue and decrease costs, so that I get paid more and you make more money by spending less money.

2. Your profits soars. You will make more by spending less as I will figure out keywords that makes sense advertising and focus on only them to get the best cost per click possible. Yes it will take some time, but I have the experience to do it. I will also work on Quality Score of your keywords to make sure we are paying less than our competitors and getting better advertising spots.

3. You get a lot of time. Once I take over, you need not bother about what’s happening to your Adwords campaigns. You can concentrate on your business.

4. No worries of paying from pocket or set up cost. You pay only if you make money. Period. Else I don’t get paid. You pay a small amount from the profits.

5. No obligations. Which means you can stop the service anytime you want. It can be one month or after years. It is totally up to you.

How to order this service?

Please contact me. I will send you details what’s to do next.

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