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Content Is Still The King

The web has grown to a magnanimous size from what it was in the laboratory of CERN. Back then nobody imagined the momentum the web carried with itself. Today it’s for all to see. Web today is undoubtedly the most sought after marketing tool. It reaches a niche audience. The World Wide Web is now an industry and quite a profitable one at that. When one tries to market a product or a service through a website it becomes very necessary to make the website content heavy. Content heavy here means not in terms of word count but information wise. People log in to the internet to get information, any sort of information.

The internet has become such an important resource for information today that even for minor information one logs in to search engines when a dictionary is just a hand away lying on the table.

I am not saying that dictionaries have become obsolete today but I am trying to imply the importance of web industry today and how people instantly think of search engines today rather hankering after a dictionary. If you need something it’s there on the internet. You just have to type it and there it lies for your grasping. Thus what matters is the information or in web terms ‘content’. It is very true that ‘content is king’. It is for the content that people come to the internet. So if the content is good there will be no dearth of people to visit the site. There are millions of web users across the world. They just look for one thing: Quality content. Thus better content means better rankings in search engines.

Satisfying people with what they are looking for is an important task. One might get audience through some links or some ads. But what to do when a person has already visited your site? Then one must hold the attention of the reader. Two important aspects come here.

First is expertise or knowledge of the subject and the second is understandability.

When a person visits a particular site, it’s definitely for the information it provides. So the more specific and need based the content of a site is the more people will prefer to use it. For e.g. if a site gives information about “stitching” it needs to give every information and fulfill every query that its audience might have regarding the subject. Also the owner of the site has to have a deep rooted knowledge on the subject only then can it suffice the needs of its audience. Having a website on a particular subject or some cluster of subjects also means that it appeals only to people who need information on those particular subjects. Thus it automatically segregates the potential audience or buyers.

Now comes the second most important aspect of content: understandability. Many writers would love to show how good they are in English and would use words that would make one open a dictionary at every second line. This is not good. While writing for a site one must write in a lucid, free flowing everyday language. This makes one stick to the writing. Thus it is the overall content quality that matters and fetches in audience.

What do you think? Is content still the king?

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