Internet Business Promoter IBP Axandra Software Review

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Any web marketer or somebody who owns a website realizes the importance of high search engine rankings. At least, any webmaster who is serious about succeeding online should know this. There was a time when achieving high search engine ranks was not really very difficult – until 2005-2006. All you had to do was just create content-rich web pages, throw some article marketing for link building, join blog networks for extra link juice and submit your web pages to search engines or online directories, and you had your ranks soon enough. Your work would have been easier if you were positioned in a narrow niche.

But SEO started to get a bit difficult from 2007 onwards. And now this recent update by Google has really made the task of SEO very challenging. There is today a huge competition out there and that too in almost all niches. Achieving a page one rank in Google and Yahoo has become extremely tough, unless of course you are working smart.

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Working smart will often mean here the ability to choose the right set of tools – tools that can rocket your web visibility by taking your website from the maze of the search engines to up there at the top. A page one rank is all you need to rocket your web traffic. However lead generations or sales and any other conversions/goals needs more than traffic. Discussing them is beyond the scope of this article. However for those webmasters whose websites are getting good traffic but somehow are not converting into the goals that they would love to see – we have just one word of advice – keep testing. But please be within the limits of Google Webmaster Guidelines and you should be fine. Keep fine-tuning your website and you should get the results you wanted.

Ok, now back to the topic. There are millions of websites out there, but only a limited number of them will ever achieve these results.

Websites that are doing things right and doing it every time are the ones who will get the edge. There are many SEO software out there in the market who can tell what’s right and what’s wrong, however we will focus on one such SEO tool called Internet Business Promoter from Axandra. It’s old and very popular software from Axandra.

We are doing an unbiased review of the software here. If you think its right for your SEO needs, you can buy it here.

Internet Business Promoter, or the IBP, as it is popularly referred to, will be giving your website a serious chance to succeed. In fact, if you follow its advice, it could be the critical difference between success and failure.

The best part of IBP is that it will never advice you any short-cut SEO methods that will not last for long. It may take some time, but if you follow its advice your website is more likely to succeed. However just like life, there is no guarantee.

What Is the Internet Business Promoter Software from Axandra?

Internet Business Promoter is a smart set of tools from Axandra. It is one tool that helps you primarily do four things:

1. Research the most potent keywords in your niche,
2. Optimize your website for these keywords,
3. Generate high quality back links for improving your Page Rank and rankings, and
4. Track the position of your website as it improves its search engine ranks.

IBP or the Internet Business Promoter is all you will ever need to boost your search engine ranks.

Those who are smart marketers are already using Internet Business Promoter from Axandra. But it is not too late for you. Start using the smart set of tools you will find here, and you are sure to see the ranks improve soon enough. The competition does not matter. The kind of website you have does not matter. IBP works well for all websites in all niches.

However there is a catch. Don’t think that if you follow any software blindly and do not do any work on your part, you will get magical results. NO – that’s just not possible. Google and other search engines love fresh and quality content. Yes content was the king, is the king and will remain the king for years to come in internet marketing.

IBP will not and cannot create the most important aspect of SEO that is content. Neither should you use any software that claims to create automated content for your website. If you use, it’s almost certain to get your website banned. Write your own content or outsource it, but please make sure to add good unique content every week or whenever possible to keep the search engines and your visitors happy.

Here Are Just a Few Things Axandra’s Internet Business Promoter Will Help You Do:

• Discover the most potent keywords in your niche.
• Generate of list of potential linking partners for your website quickly based on Alexa ranking, IP address, PR, and others. (It’s better to get links from websites that have a different IP address than your website.)
• You can spy your competition quickly and easily.
• Customize your link pages.
• Maintain and organize your link partners list.
• Track the link pages of your partners to ensure that these pages carry your back links.
• Checks the link directory for any broken links.
• Helps you create search engine optimized web pages for on-page optimization.
• Monitor the search engine ranks of your website for targeted keywords.
• Gives you detailed reports on Meta titles, keyword densities and others.

But wait! The above list is not an extensive one. Internet Business Promoter from Axandra will do much more to boost your website’s web visibility. Read more about the software here.

INeedHits Review Should You Submit Your URL

Random 5 Comments » is search engine marketing company. They offer services such as Google site submission, URL submission, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising and management since 1996.

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INeedHits has grown at a phenomenal rate. Today they get over 5000 customers every month looking for their services such as submit URL to Google, website submission, PPC, and SEO etc.

Learn about one way link building

Since you are here looking for INeedHits review we will discuss the products and services it offers and keep reviewing them.

1) Boost Your Traffic: This service gives 1000 visitors to your website in under 30 days. Yes that’s 1k visitors in a month.

How much does it cost? It really doesn’t cost much. In fact it’s highly affordable. Total package cost is $12.99. How is that for 1000 hits? Right now they are offering a 50% discount, so the same package is now available for only $6.50 for the first month.

Pros and Cons of the product:

Pros – Low cost. No lock in contracts or hidden fees. You can to choose the country and the category you want to target. For example Country: USA, Category: Web Development. If you choose this your website will get 1000 visitors from USA looking for web development.

Cons – This works on a very unique concept. Ineedhits has partnered with millions of websites to deliver this traffic. The concept is simple, whenever someone visits Ineedhits partnered website, and its country and category matches your website, your website will open in a different window. Well so why this is a con? The reason is that this type of display is not highly targeted. Therefore the results you get from Google/MSN search advertising may not match with this service.

Nonetheless since the cost is so low, you can give it a try. You don’t know what works on the internet until you try.

Click here to read more about their Boost Your Traffic service.

2) Top 10 Listings: Their top 10 listings guarantee your website listing in over 350 Search Engines and Directories! These search engines generate over 150 million searches per month. If your website is in top 10 positions – it’s obvious your site will get traffic. Your ad will be Google-style ad for your choice of keywords with guaranteed top 10 exposures across 350+ search engines on the ISEDN network.

[Taken from the website – The Independent Search Engine & Directory Network was founded in the first quarter of 2005 with the express purpose of providing website owners affordable and effective search engine & directory advertising. The paid inclusion featured listing program offered by ISEDN members is unmatched in value and benefits and virtually fraud proof. Top 10 exposure, quick inclusion, variable terms (3 or 12 months), and one-time, flat fee rates are just a few of the features ISEDN advertisers enjoy.]

Cost? This one is affordable too, just – $12.99 per month. (Right now they are offering a 50% discount – so effective price is $6.50 first month. From the second month onwards you pay $12.99 per month.)

Pros and Cons of the product:

Pros – Again, low cost. No hidden prices, no obligation and no lock in contracts. If you aren’t seeing results you can cancel anytime. You are not loosing a lot anyways. There is no bidding for keywords, so even if the keyword is very costly in Adwords, you get the traffic for the same price here. One time fee means even if your site gets 1000s of visitors a day, you will not be charged anything extra. You can edit your ads anytime you want. You pay the same $12.99 per month until you cancel. Also the quality of traffic is slightly better than their “Boost Your Traffic” package because people are looking for your product and they are not forced to see your site. They will click and visit your site only if the ad interests them.

Cons – Second tier search engines cannot provide the quality of traffic the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN can provide. But if you compare the price – this traffic is for real cheap.

Our verdict: Test. After all you need to spend only $6.50 to know if this is for you.

Click here to read more about Top 10 Listings package.

3) INeedHits Link Building Program: Link Building (also know as link popularity) as we all know is a simple and easy way to boost a website’s ranking and increase the popularity of your website! Their link building program will help your site get new backlinks every month, 30 manual directory submissions and 10 guaranteed social media links. All this will boost the ranking of your website.

How much does it cost? Link building from INeedHits comes at $29.99 per month.

Pros – Good service. Link building can boost your website rankings across major search engines.

Cons – Not many can afford $29.99 per month. But if you can, this is the best service one can take from INeedHits.

Click here to read more about INeedHits link building service.

Update: INeedHits no more offers their link building program. This could be because of the recent changes in Google’s algorithms that has made link building quite difficult. You can do it yourself though. Read to know how.

4) 48 Hour Google Listing: If you own a good website (original content, good value to visitors, no redirects, duplicate/affiliate content or other crawling issues) and for some reason Google is not indexing your website – G-Boost – a Google submission service from ineedhits will help your site get indexed by Google within 48 hour. This Submit Your URL service comes with a money back guarantee.

Cost: First month is $15.00 only, from second month onwards its $29.99.

Pros – Google is a great search engine. It crawls almost every website within 48 hours. Try to Submit Your URL to Google. But for some reason if it still does not index your website and you think it’s a genuine site, G-Boost will help your site get indexed.

Cons – Not any.

Click here for more information on their G-Boost Google indexing service.

5) – SEO Services: Once your website gets indexed in major search engines, you need to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization), if you don’t want to take the PPC route.

What do they do? Their Professional SEO Package covers all the fundamentals of on-page SEO optimization and basic link building. They will also try optimizing a new page of your site per month. It means if you stick to their service for 1 year, you have 12 pages of your site fully optimized.

Cost of the Package: USD $109.99 per month.

Pros – Good service. They are experienced so it looks like your website will be in good hands.

Cons – Cost slightly on the higher end. If you can afford, this one is a good service.

Click here for more information on their SEO services.

6) Ineedhits – Pay Per Click (PPC) Services: As the name implies pay per click is a paid advertising program in Google, managed by Google AdWords. INeedHits will manage your AdWords program. (Note: You will have to setup an account in Google. They only create ads and research keywords on your behalf and manage all the campaigns. However you will have to pay the billing charges directly to Google. Ineedhits will charge you separately for managing your account.)

Pros – If you don’t have time and want to concentrate on your business, it’s a great service, because researching keywords and testing ads for high CTR (click through rate) is a time consuming task. And these guys are professionals. They will do a good job.

Cons – Anybody can open an AdWords account. But you need time, knowledge and expertise to manage it. Else you may lose a lot of dollars before you get to know how it works and get your hands on it.

Cost: Varies.

Please click here for more information on their PPC services.

That’s it. may have a few more small/customized packages but they don’t need any mention.

Final Verdict: is a great and experienced company in the search marketing field. However use your discretion before ordering any of their services. (Hint: Order what you need. Don’t order just because the package is cheap or looks good.)

Click here to visit ineedhits website for more information on their services.

New FTC Rules For Bloggers And Its Impact

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Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has laid down new rules for bloggers. The rule applies to all who endorses products on their sites/blogs. This is the first time that the Federal Trade Commission has laid down a set of rules for bloggers. The endorsement rules were last updated in 1980. The rule comes into effect from December 1, 2009.

According to this new rule “Consumer-generated media” outlets such as bloggers will have to disclose their relationship with the company’s product they write about. That means that if a blogger writes about or reviews for example a washing machine then the blogger also has to reveal the exact relationship he/she has with the washing machine company. More so if the blogger is getting paid for the review. And if a consumer faces financial loss after buying the product from reading the review then the blogger will have to face a penalty up to $11,000.

The blogger has to from December 1, 2009 give the details of the kind of relationship he/she has with the manufacturer or the advertiser or the service provider of the product. Thus if a blogger has used a particular washing machine and had been told by the manufacturer to write about it then he/she has to say that to his/her audience straight away. If not the blogger may face prosecution and a five figure penalty. Even when the blogger gets a free product or payment or some other facilities from the manufacturer/service provider he/she has to reveal it. This includes celebrities too.

FTC has done this to ensure truthfulness as it is in paid advertisements. A reader must know who is behind the publicity of a particular product/service in the same way as it can be seen on television ads or in print ads. The guidelines are made to ensure reliability and truthfulness. Through these guidelines FTC tries to stop fraudsters and unscrupulous product endorsements. Both the blogger and the advertiser are subject to penalty if found guilty.

What does this new FTC rule means to bloggers?

The guidelines very clearly define endorsements and testimonials. They consider both the same thing and clearly states that an endorsement or a testimonial of any sort must reflect honest opinions, findings, beliefs or experience of the endorser. According to the guideline the endorser cannot convey any message that is deceptive. This way bloggers or endorsers will be treated the same way as an ad agency. There is no longer a safety spot for endorsers. They have to make every information public. Also the advertisers are also liable to inform the audiences about their endorsers in the same way as the endorsers are liable to give details of their sponsors.

Thus this means:

  • Any employer of a company who is blogging on the company’s website or somewhere else and is writing good or bad things about the company or its products should also say somewhere that he/she is an employer of that particular company.
  • Any company/employer running a blog/site on their latest products should say that.
  • If you want to share a personal experience you can do that though. But do mention that this is personal and not sponsored.

Lastly, there is no way you can violate these laws. If your thing is on the internet it is going to be monitored by FTC. So it’s better to follow their guidelines if you don’t want to pay $11,000.

What do you think? Is this rule by the FTC right or wrong?

Will Bing Be The King

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Is Bing The King?

Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft revealed the company’s brand new competitor against Google, Bing on May 28, 2009. After Bing went fully online on June 3, 2009, it gained a market share of almost 10 percent within a span of three months. This site is a replacement of Live Search/MSN Search and it has lot more features than its previous version. Intelligently termed as ‘decision engine’, this site offers a lot of easy search methods to users. Bing has been created with all user friendly facilities to topple Google of its number one position. Bing carries a lot of promises for Microsoft. The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer had introduced Bing to being a site that will help people to use the information they find on their site. According to Ballmer search engines do a good job but not a “very good job”. Thus Bing would not only help people search for information but it would help them to use those informations correctly.

The Power of Bing

Bing is intelligent. It suggests keywords to users related to many categories such as travel, maps, food, science, technology, business etc. It has its search engine made in such a way that it can give smarter results to users understanding their search needs. It gives a top-down search result to the users. Thus the most relevant search link comes to the up and then goes down depending on its relevancy. There are also features like ‘Instant Answers’ and ‘Deep Links’. The Bing Maps are the most interesting part. They almost give a satellite view of the area one is looking for. Its almost virtual earth, very real with really sharp images. There are other features too for e.g. comparisons in hotel rates come in colour thus making it easy for the users to come to a decision quickly.

Now Some Stats

According to statistics, Bing had gained a market share of about 9.3 percent within three months. But recently in September 2009 they experienced a fall in market share. Bing gained during August but it again came down in September. According to StatCounter Bing’s share of US market fell down from 9.54% to 8.51% for the month of September. But this may exclusively be a single. Its market share can easily rise as it is merged with another web giant, Yahoo. But ironically Yahoo’s share too has declined in September. But this can well be a singular case. Bing’s popularity and hits increased during its launch. After it went fully active in June, it instantly gained a market share. In July Bing’s market share went up to 8.9% from 8.4% of the earlier month. This was clearly a share taken away from Yahoo and Google. Thus Bing rose to a commendable market share in three months. But it recently came down. But given to the fact that Microsoft is a giant in the software market, it is not likely to settle down for less. At least if that were to be the case it would have never made this all new, intelligent search engine.

What do you think? Will Bing become the King of search in times to come?

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