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My name is David Shaw and I own this blog.

I started Internet Marketing in 2000.

The first 4 years I was a failure. Did nothing but research and lost some money.

However things started to move in the positive direction in June 2004 when I earned my first dollar “online”. It instilled confidence in me. I then realized that it is possible to do business online.

However there were lows and highs in my career.

There are times when one gets over-confident and complacent kicks in – that’s when you hit rock bottom.

I hit rock bottom in end 2007 – beginning 2008.

– My online business was running at a loss, overheads were huge.
– I lost my job (which I had kept in case of bad days in business, but it proved futile).
– Lost almost all my savings in the stock market crash of 2008.
– To make both ends meet I had to take a personal loan without informing my wife (she had no idea what was going on).
– My wife was 5 months pregnant.
– I had a big mortgage to pay.
– I had just moved with my wife to our new house, the running expenses were huge.
– Enter Recession, there was no guarantee of getting a job.
– When my wife learned about the personal loan, in her full blown pregnancy she had to take a job.

In short life was HELL.

I had to start all over again. I was determined to do it again and I started burning midnight oil. As you may have guessed, things started to move again.

Today well, I am a happy man.

That experience made me realize that complacency kills and one should not take any business (for that matter anything) for granted. Even a good business model with great clients can be destroyed overnight.

Some more things I realized were:

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I had only one source of income online and when it went out of business I was out of business.

2. Saving money in government secured instruments (like banks, debentures issued by government, etc) is important.

3. Not to be too greedy. I became so greedy that I invested almost all I had in my savings account in the stock market to make money fast, at a time when my wife was about to deliver in a few months. As luck would have it, my investments nearly doubled in a couple of months, and I could have booked profits – but greed took over me and I didn’t. You know what, in the next couple of months my investment were not even 40% of what I had invested. And this was the time my wife delivered. I had to take out my money from the stock market at a huge loss.

4. Knowledge is the biggest asset you have (not money). It came to my rescue when I was totally shattered. I had to do all over again and I did.

Now I work hard, whatever the situation in my life. And I am happy that I do.

These are some of the things that I have learnt in life:

1. At times money means a lot BUT money is NOT everything. After your needs are fulfilled its not you but your bankers that make money. Still money is important, because your family depends on you. That said, running after money is a bad idea.

2. Family, friends, peace and happiness are more important than money.

3. Raising your child is more difficult than you thought.

4. Never panic – whatever God does is for good – if you are a good person.

5. Never trust life – have a solid Term Insurance for your family.

6. Family is important – and more important is to spend some quality time with your family. No excuses.

7. Even if you are the richest/poorest person on earth – you will never be satisfied – so be happy with whatever you have, but work hard with a solid plan to make your life better.

8. Everybody have some or the other worries in their life – ALWAYS!!!

9. Complacency kills – it did to me!!!

10. Hard work pays – for some soon, for some later – but it pays.

In this blog I plan to share my search engine marketing experience with my visitors. I will be honest to the point. From my experience I will share these with you:

1) Search engine optimization techniques (organic or non-paid search i.e. where you try to rank your site in top ranks in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Of course you do not pay any money for any visitor.)

2) PPC or Pay Per Click search (Sponsored search or Paid search where you pay the search engine that sends you traffic for every visitor). Every click counts because you are spending money.

3) Website Conversion Improvement – getting visitors to your site is not enough. If you get thousands of visitors everyday but few or none take the desired action you want – you are actually getting zero visitors. So getting visitors and converting them as a prospect customer is important in any online business. I will discuss in detail about how you can change and test a few things on your site to get the desired result and keep improving.

4) How to use web analytic to improve conversions.

5) Any search engine news that I feel is worth sharing.

6) Any other interesting thing related to search engines or marketing methods online that comes in my mind.

7) Make money online ideas.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand a thing or two. We all started like this but soon understood how complex (or easy?) the world of search engine marketing is.

Please subscribe to my blog. I will be glad if you do.


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